Our best services for an optimal price

Next to the traditional Thai massage we also offer various different types of massage with aromas and oils to round off the perfect massage experience.

Traditional Thai Massage

The traditional Thai massage is our flagship. With type stretches and expansion movements, joint loosening and pressure point massage our masseurs take you on a relaxing and recovering journey away from your everyday life. Stretch and expansion positions, which are taken from Yoga, as well as slow movements, rhythmical acupressure and reflexology will relax your muscles. Your inner power reserves will be activated again through massage of reflex zones, various pressure techniques and special massage techniques. Already 30 minutes can be enough.

We as well offer Thai massage for up to 120 minutes. We gladly advise you individually to our massage durations, which one is the best for you.


30 minutes    35€
60 minutes    50€
90 minutes    80€
120 minutes  100€

Aroma Oil Massage

With high-quality and fragrant oils and aromas we combine the traditional Thai massage to a very relaxing full-body massage. This massage alternative stimulates your circulation and muscles. Experience a fragrant adventure for your senses and a deep relaxation for your whole body with your aroma and oil massage.

Our thoroughly selected aromas and oils have an vitalizing effect on your metabolism. This form of massage is especialls good if you want to reduce stress.


30 minutes  40€
60 minutes  55€
90 minutes  85€

Couples Massage

For everyone who would like to enjoy an unforgettable and relaxing experience with their beloved partner our premises offer space for a couples massage. Use this opportunity to take some time off with your partner and be indulged. For our couples massage you can chose between the traditional Thai massage or the Aroma and Oil Massage.


30 minutes    60€
60 minutes    90€
90 minutes  150€
120 minutes 180€

Foot Massage

The whole day on the way, running from one appointment to the other, the shoes are getting uncomfortable. The feet hurt after a long day, everyone knows that. The Vienna Thai Spa therefore offers the perfect solution, our foot massage. Step in for the perfect treatment for your feet, whether it is your lunch break or in between two appointments. We guarantee you the perfect relaxation in between with our foot massage, so you can walk easily through your everyday life again.


30 minutes  30€
60 minutes  50€